Isabel Marant

Spring summer fashion show 2018 Isabel Marant

Sports style and English embroidery, big star of the podiums. This is how Isabel defines the general atmosphere of her 2018 spring-summer collection. In other words, a spirit of contradiction which is her signature since she started and without a doubt, which also depicts femininity of the XXI century.

Trousers made of canvas and anoraks fool around with white cascades of lace. Colorful leggings, windbreak jackets, and asymmetric dresses are flirting with cashmere patterns.

As usual, the fashionista looks at natural moves: instinctive morning gesture when choosing the day’s outfit… and here we go with a boyfriend’s shirt, subtle alliance of masculinity and woman like attitudes.

From this unexpected combination, we get multiple small items, easy to use and carry around. And even if you chose not to mix the genres, you would still get a relaxation tutorial. You feel like seeing fashion under a different light: light, smooth, lively. The constraints of fashion are already too numerous.

Source : Vogue France - September 2017 - By Sonia Rachline

Isabel Marant Pre collection :

This is not a new phenomenon. It is a mid-season collection. A collection halfway through the season that fashion designers consider as important as the main trends.

As opposed to what the catwalk puts forward, even if they still catch our attention because they are more creative but also more seasonal, the pre-collection aims at being more timeless and more adapted to the season. These clothes correspond to a need and are not exceptional items as one would see during a show.

Pre collections are a transition between autumn - winter and spring - summer trends.

These creations between two collections are not just a way to bridge the gap between the winter « heavy coat » and the little summer dresses. They also give a taste of the upcoming season, which is, we must admit, not so detestable!

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