A Turkish proverb says "I care that the world is large if my shoes are narrow" and all fashionistas have long understood the importance of the shoe, no need for a saying for that, at home it's innate !

The shoe comes to sign a silhouette and give it its final character. On this page, you will find everything you need to avoid fashion faux pas and boost your looks.

Furious rock-star boots, casual skateboarding sneakers, sexy afro-queen pumps, mesmerizing priestess sandals, easy trigger cowgirl cowboy boots and adventurous snow boots.

It is here that all the women who are in us can express themselves ... From the touching girl to the femme fatale, to the shy genius or the adventurer, everything is at risk.

Welcome to the realm of the collector, in the den of the shoes addict, in the carverne 3.0 of the Grande Boutique.

Have fun and good shopping !