On this page you will find bill hiding places, the blue card ticket mark, the hideout of an old failed identity photo...

You will find portfolios.

There are the maxi tyrants in the organization who sort their loyalty cards in alphabetical order and those who can find a receipt for 2002 but regardless of the content, we suggest you stay the nice girl with the pretty leather mate.

Claris Virot, offers us a small leather goods sophisticated. Like the rest of its line of bags, python refined and rock'n'roll. There are elegant business cards, pretty pompom companions and adorable little wallets.

Eclectic with Jerome Dreyfuss. A multiple woman, he knows it and leaves us the choice between lots of leathers, full of colors, full of sizes and lots of shapes. It meets all our desires and fulfills all our needs. Thank you !

It's here that we discover precious, fun, super-seductive objects to slip notes, money and beauty !

Tie off your portfolio and good shopping !