On this page, the supreme ornament, the jewel that gives us an ultra fascinating head on each side of the face, gives us a magnetic look, a more precious smile.

Captivating objects that give the face a magical appearance, we like them heavy and ethnic, discreet and super precious or retro and elegant ... Coveted, desirable, they make us attractive, we invest a surprising power, frame our faces with character.

At Vanessa De Jaegher from the gold and diamonds, it's not complicated, and it works to create beautiful objects, like straight out of another time a little enchanted. chips and Creoles super sophisticated and rock at the same time and beautifully aggressive diamond white female picks fatal.

At Feidt Paris the ear is transformed into an esoteric message with gothic crosses, eternal leaves or delicate mini creoles. Some stars and a magical moon are also brilliantly realized, as well as bars that are frank and radically sexy.

For bold faces, XXL crazy girls will wear creoles with irregular shapes, full of dog and mischief, and in different sizes.

For more originality, let's hang a delicate chain adorned with mini horns in yellow gold and grey sapphires.

Worlds of symbols, multitudes of universes, memories of childhood, winks to the mystic ....

For the ultra feminine claw Ginette NY we always fall in love. diamonds, turquoise sometimes, more brutal ebony notes, always rose gold.

All used to create earrings that are delicate, precious, refined, timeless, beautiful !

Voyages Voyages at Harpo, the fashion-handicraft brand that we always carries in Amerindian soil with its mystic woman's curls, as if invested with the magical power of the stones that compose them, turquoise, coral, Navajo motifs, eagle feathers. Jewels of captivating witches, jewels of enchantress from elsewhere.

At Luj Paris, precious little Creoles and sleepers all cute, easy, adorable, effective, out of time.

An invitation to travel with Pascale Monvoisin , former hostess air that carries with it in its imagination Asia, Latin America, the United States.

Hanging in our ears cherished memories of the world tour in gold and in precious gems.... Sublime.

Marie Poniatowski, the creator of the Stone Jewelry invites us to discover the duality of antinomic concepts that meet. Brutal and romantic at the same time, simplistic lines for objects yet ultra sophisticated. A modest luxury, a reinterpretation Rock of the classic jewel.... Great difference in gold and diamond. Strong and discreet earrings.

We wear them in pairs for a more classic woman or in an asymmetrical composition for a Rock look. We choose ethnic or classical. This summer, we'll want Creoles, small, medium or over-sized. We can even add Charms to customize our earrings.

And above all, we play with and become creative of our finery by mixing them and creating their own composition. We love them for life !

Have fun !