Perfumes and women... A whole story. As Coco Chanel put it, "A woman without perfume is a woman without a future". Still must we find the scent that suits us best ! What's more intimate than a perfume ? The little drop that completes our personality, which says a lot about our tastes and desires.

How to choose ? It's a serious story. It will be necessary to try it, to let it be transformed and to be realized in contact with our skin. A real love story when we discover our favorite scent. We will first discover the top notes, our sense of smell detects them first. What can be like a love at first sight! Then with time (2 hours) we discover the heart notes. You can smell the delights of a fragrance around 30 minutes after spraying the perfume and they last more or less 4 hours. Finally background notes point the tip of their nose after the evaporation of the heart notes and they are the ones that blend with our skin until the next day.

So when we finally meet the fragrance of our dreams... It's for life !