Denim Mania

On this page you will find denim shorts... and denim shorts.

At R13 Denim, they will be grunge. At Mother Denim sexy and at GRLFRND vintage. Not much to say, except that we wear them all the time, from morning to night, in the city as on the beach, but not in the same way.

At the beach, you put your shorts on a swimsuit or a rock tee and a pair of sandals.

In the city, we like to add a nice jackets to play with the shifts of cool and sophisticated, short shorts with a long jacket. And to assert his style, we wander around the city with loafers on the feet or sneakers. And always, a very beautiful bags !

In the evening, we go squarely... Pumps, a sexy top and a pretty pockets and go to party !