On this page you'll find the perfect belt.

It's not really that we lose our pants but rather we are flirtatious, to the point of slipping in the passers of our jeans an additional jewel that makes us smile.... Our hips. Sometimes superfluous, it finally becomes indispensable. It will also be able to come and gently wrap a summer dress to give us a more feminine look.

A masterpiece of Navajo crafts at Harpo Paris with a brown leather belt decorated with silver coins like "Concho". Unique piece, fantastic object, marvelous treasure from distant lands.

A minimal, chic and cool model at Isabel Marant. It works with all our outfits, the essential basic, in black or natural leather. The perfect belt

Essential piece of our wardrobe, we emphasize our size, we dress our hips to give even more character to our silhouette.

Good shopping !