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Harpo Paris - Amerindian jewelry with a Bohemian style


On this page you can discover the collection of silver and turquoise jewelry of the house Harpo Paris. Chez Harpo, we are passionate about silver, turquoise and coral jewelry created by the American Indians, the Amerindians. Between Navajo or Zuni's creators, the know-how is different but just as talented.

Navajo Indians worship turquoise and Zunis like to work with money. We love to wear these jewels in summer when the sun comes out to give ourselves a chic bohemian look. We quickly fall in love with these creations from distant countries and then we will want to collect them, accumulate them to show them off with each other. Long necklaces and fetish necklaces protect us, turquoise bracelets eliminate negative waves, coral earrings give us strength, Amerindian jewels protect us.