On this page you will find the most popular jeans of the fashion sphere ... We are just very in love with our "blue pants".

When we take a little height, we realize that the jean is really our best friend and he leaves us very rarely. So why not choose, the most beautiful cup, the most beautiful wash and the most splendid material for her Denim?

R13 Denim: The ultimate

Discovered in New York 10 years ago, this is our favorite brand Made in USA (jeans are made in Italy). The best of the collection are the skinny Boy and the skinny Kate.

Theskinny Boy is slightly larger and you have to take a size below your waist if you like to wear it adjusted. But as the name suggests, the designer likes to see him wear Loose "like a boy".

The skinny Kate as the name also indicates and jeans to wear Kate Moss. Everyone can see how our favorite muse wears their jeans .... It is normal size and you have to take your usual size.

For the jeans Alison and Jenny, they cut normally and the size is slightly higher at the back. Which avoids many inconveniences !

But the secret of these jeans is the wash ... A real wonder, as if it were a canvas that would have aged quietly for many years to bring him the perfect patina.

Mother Denim : Sexy jeans

As much as the jeans R13 Denim and Garçons Infidèles evoke the music, the rock and the rebellious spirit as the jeans Mother bring the comfort, the sensuality (of the web) and just what it is necessary of sexy. Slightly high-waisted, it infuses a more girly spirit to our looks. The perfect jean to be chic for any occasion. If you put on Mother's jeans, you'll fall head over heels for the silhouette you make. And there are days when you want to be seductive !

GRLFRND or Girlfriend : Vintage Denim

With the return of the 80s for several seasons, we also wanted a brand of jeans in the spirit more authentic, plus high waist and with a canvas without stretch, very vintage. It's done with this Californian label expert in perfectly cut jeans. Each model bears the name of a famous model who is particularly fond of the brand .... Helena, Cara, Karolina, Eva, we let you guess. A secret ... The best is Karolina !

Golden Goose Deluxe Brand : Denim Deluxe

Golden Goose is not just addictive sneakers! It is also a way of living and traveling in chic and timeless jeans, always with a streetwear wink that suits us well.

Anine Bing : timeless

Of course, we do not present Anine Bing, a blogger from Los Angeles full time and very talented to create the good basics that we necessarily need at prices always reasonable.

Ironaé Paris : Best seller

Ironaé brings her touch of femininity with skinny jeans laced with leather, her signature. We will wear it with our favorite sneakers but also with the suede boots Jérôme Dreyfuss.

Good shopping !