Jerome Dreyfuss

Jérôme Dreyfuss

His state of mind is summed up in a sentence " I do what I love and work very instinctively. I don't follow the fashion trends and what inspires me is mainly woman I meet on the street. And my friends."

In 1998, the press proclaimed Jérôme Dreyfuss : "Terrible child of fashion". In the same year, he won the prestigious Adam of Fashion and created Michael Jackson's costumes for his album "Invincible".

In 2002, Jérôme launches his brand of bags to please his girlfriends who cannot find their dream bag.

Bet won for the "darling of the ladies" who bewitched us with his collections of bags nor too hippies, but certainly bohemian fact, not totally roots but definitely luxurious.

Each bag is named after a name of a man who over the time becomes our best friend. Indeed, who could resist the charms of Billy, get rib of Bobi and not become crazy about Igor.