On this page you will find small heels, pumps or how to live life at the top without high heels ?

A woman with pretty shoes is always attractive so we accessorise our outfits to take a little height by having a maximum of pace, daring and elegance!

Working girl assagie, retro girl, flirtatious tease if you suffer from Cinderella syndrome you will find here inevitably shoe to your foot.

An explosive quickdraw with Python leather shoes dangerous.

At Jérôme Dreyfuss, it is rather on an adorable reel heel that you can get up without the risk of spraining your ankle but keeping the good look. Different proposals, small straps that settle back, super chic black leathers, champagne lamé... Wink to the 80s.

Ho hoist and hop ! We go up on tiptoe in our best shoes to hit the pavement.

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