R13 Jeans

You will find on this page all the most sought-after selection of luxury jeans R13 Denim.

Le boy skinny and kate skinny are the best in the collection.

The boy skinny is a little loose, like a boy and the kate skinny very female is worn closer to the body. But the best thing is the washing. Blacks are never completely black, greys bring nuances close to perfection. And the blues are the revelation of summer.

At home R13 Denim, the idea is that you always wear jeans, but rather to the snatch... But beware something mastered that reminds you of a teenager from a Larry Clark movie without scaring moms when they leave school. They are worn with a mariner, under a short-sleeved t-shirt in mid-season and precious jewellery to look like an adult anyway.

Heads, what are you saying? Well, everything depends on the occasion.

During the day, a pair of basketball to master your skateboard well but at nightfall, we gladly put on girl shoes to look cool and sexy at once.jeans shorts r13 with a pair of natural leather sandals to lightly cover our little tanned bodies.

A luxury jeannery which we no longer do without !

Good shopping !