Council of fashionist. To finalize his look nothing like a accessory. It will give the trend of our mood... Cool, relax, sport, chic, sophisticated, rock, bohemian, hippie. And best of all, it reveals our personality and the fashion of the moment.

The creators help us, with a lot of talent and know-how, in this approach of the ultimate, to be the most beautiful, the most stylish girls of fashion.

Claris Virot, offers us a very beautiful leather goods, while python leather luxurious, radically chic, incredibly sexy. Skins carefully selected to marvel at a collection of beautiful tote bags, adorable pockets, perfect small bags to wear over the shoulder.

Jérôme Dreyfuss, inimitable magician always offers us a vast collection. Small bags, very small bags, big bags, very very big bags coordinated to his wallets and wallets. Wonders that are worn on the shoulder, shoulder, hand or even at the waist (the sacks).

Of the beautiful, the very beautiful since always, the love crazy !

At Vanessa Bruno, to go to the beach, go shopping, go on vacation, you never tire of its eternal glitter tote. In the summer, we like it especially canvas, linen and raffia with its small pouches. In winter, the leather tote will help us carry our files to work or go to class. The ideal format for our notebooks and folders, but still more feminine than a binder! And lots of small kits to store your pencils or makeup. In the evening, we will prefer the pretty cover to wear over the shoulder. Glitter one day, glitter always !

At Isabel Marant, it's full of good ideas, shapes and styles to be playful, sporty, rock or bohemian. A perfect collection for all women according to our mood.

On our heads too, we play the accessory and we visit caps sexy rappers with r13 and Garçons Infidèles.

This summer, around from our necks we wear Hawaiian scarves and scarves checkered fluids Isabel Marant.

There is nothing missing, one becomes composed, finished, perfect. Essential dream details...

It's here... The great shop wonders !

Have fun !