On this page you will find the wrist jewelry. Fine bracelets worn in the dozens, headlines spectacular, rushes hippie-bohemian set with turquoises or diamonds, gray-gray pearls , leather ties to wrap around the wrist or ankle.

At Vanessa De Jaegher, the The best friend of the woman is silver and paved with diamonds, it is an insolent modesty, the height of rock. Tender sensations declined in precious rushes or in headlines, wink at the Amerindian culture and the stars of the seventies.

At Feidt Paris, we like it its pretty chain bracelets adorned with a star, a cross or a medal... Symbol of a thousand and one things.

Let's go to Unicorns at Ginette NY with its beautiful jewels, always in pink gold and often paved with diamonds. Sometimes in white gold.

Harpo Paris, there are works of art, unique pieces made by Native American craftsmen. This is the jewel of jewels, carved silver and paved with stones sumptuous and rare like turquoises and coral . We can also decorate with fine beaded bracelets, silver rushes to accumulate around the wrist in a hippie-bohemian spirit.

At Isabel Marant you'll find cute fantasy bracelets waiting for the most spectacular parade shows.

At Luj Pari, one wonders "Who are these snakes that whistle over our heads ?", or rather wrapped around our wrists.... Gold plated 24 carats, beautiful !

At Pascale Monvoisin look you're covered with precious stones. With the greatest nonchalance, one of our favorite attitudes... Gold, turquoises, onyx, diamonds, horn and shell.

Luxury handcuffs at Stone Paris, gold black or white and diamonds, a constellation of diamonds !

Irresistible desire to play jewelry collectors, to accumulate them. Quick, a beautiful bracelet on the wrist.

Good shopping !