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Chic or Streetwear hats for women


On this page you will find the most trendy accessory for two seasons already, the good friend of the "bad hair day", I named the cap.

Great ally of our urban silhouettes, she accompanies our moods as urban girls and uninhibits a dress a little too wise.

Screwed upside down, it gives us a look of cute scum or place to hide our eyes that fixed a pretty boy.

At Garçons Infidèles and R13 Denim, we find it simple, black, beautifully embroidered in the name of the label. She amuses us and wakes up the tomboy who sleeps in us.

Indispensable for all the beautiful scoundrels we are, perfect to play twerker like Beyonce or have fun doing the rogue chic. It is not really to protect oneself from the sun that it is fixed on our foreheads but more to invest oneself of a power of modeuse and to be made a splash.

Good shopping !