Jérôme Dreyfuss is a Parisian bag designer known worldwide for his colorful and easy-to-wear bags. Its principle? Support women in their daily lives and make their lives easier. His creative career? He owes it to chance and his girlfriends who all arrived at a dinner one day complaining about their bags. So they needed someone passionate about crafts to make them. It was him ! The brand was born. And the success was almost immediate. Husband of Isabel Marant in the city, what he wants above all is to understand women. He also made them a beautiful declaration of love during an interview given to La Grande Boutique!


Jérôme Dreyfuss leather bags are recognizable thanks to the quality of the leather and their unique color. Chlorophyll, champagne or sometimes vermilion through bright yellow or gold, Jérôme Dreyfuss likes to surprise as much as accompany women in their daily lives. Natural leather, crocodile effect leather, printed leather or smooth leather, there is something for everyone and each season brings its share of novelties. Very involved in the ecology and environmental footprint of his brand, Jérôme Dreyfuss confided in La Grande Boutique.


The little extra of his bags? Each of them has a male name, as if their bags were the best friends of the women who carry them. Bobi, Billy, Igor, Léon have been on the arms of Parisian women for years and for many more seasons... His bags are created to become the best allies of women in their daily lives, recognizable by their artisanal manufacture, their generous shapes, the suppleness of their leather and their innovative details. Very involved in sustainable development, diversity, inclusiveness, Jérôme Dreyfuss makes it a point of honor to select the best materials in order to satisfy women of all ages and all walks of life.