On this page, the great excitement of the ring finger, the rapture of the index, the provocation of the middle finger... rings for all the fingers.

Super simple or heavy, let them wind up on us to make our hands treasures that tell stories, take care of anecdotes ...

Precious rings, full of emotions and memories. A ring is above all a symbol and we select them for you as you would for yourself, with the intention of creating a symbol, a trick on the finger but also ready for the heart.

At Vanessa De jaegher, objects full of mischief and diamond. Signet Baron Mafia or rock star seventies, precious rings and any purpose and hiding places to pour arsenic in the glass of the enemy....

At Feidt, jewelry magical. The girls of the brand, we offer medallions enchanted esoteric cross and Madonnas protectors. Collection of rings with strong beliefs and symbols in yellow gold, sapphires, onyx and turquoise. Wonderful.

At Ginette NY always clean lines, impeccable for a paraphernalia rings super stylish. Here we find the DNA of the claw that offers us delightful ornaments that sometimes takes care of an explicit message, in letter....a fun unicorn or committed revolution . For the rest, rose gold, ebony, small diamonds by the thousands, malachite, onyx... chic, chic, chic.

At Harpo, we teleport on the other side of atlantic to smoke pipe tobacco. Around our fingers are mystical geometric patterns, powerful Native American heads, turquoises tinged with brown that gives us the impression of seeing the earth from above. Bohemian jewelry full of sacred energy.

At Pascale Monvoisin everything is ultra desirable, it's fine it's beautiful, it's clever, it's sweet, it's divine, it's perfect !

At Stone Paris rings that give vertigo, star constellations, alliances set with diamonds... sublime and indispensable.

We're not the type to wait for a man to buy these jewels of dreams, to buy a ring, to engage with oneself, one goes.

Good shopping !