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Luxury Sneakers and Urban Streetwear trainers


On this page you will find a myriad of sneakers, a multitude of options to put our feet in comfort as well as style. Very practical for shopping, ride your Scooter or escape an ex, but especially to be the most stylish in town. We have always loved them, we wear them all the sauces to create urban or offbeat silhouettes, street-style or rock.

A unique model at Garçons Infidèles , mottled and customized for Converse looking like a nineties rebellious high school girl who listens to Nirvana while chewing gum. A must that works with everything. Inescapable icon of the sneakers.

Fireworks fashion for Golden Goose Deluxe Brand that surprises us each season with new and original ideas. Francesca and Alessandro Gallo offer sneakers always ultra malicious, full of fantasies, humor and character. Zebra glitter, savannah-like animal prints, ultra-girly glitter, red grunge plaid, multicolored stars... We're dead now !

At Golden Goose , we also think of men, who have the right to a little originality too, but always with chic.

At Isabel Marant, it is with undisguised pleasure that we can find a great star of the shoe: the wedge sneaker "Bobby" in taupe color, essential. Other basketball, another world ... Tennis scratch fun like the one of the leader of the team of cheerleaders. We discover this season, his new model Kindsay that will not fail to become our "it shoes" of the season.

We can not talk about sneakers without evoking the world of street fashion ... A whole world that we discover this season with the sneaker collections of Guillaume Philibert artistic director of the brand Filling Pieces . Between Ronnie Fieg and Guillaume Philibert (who are friends) it is a little to the one who will create the best of the year, but always in a timeless and timeless spirit. He's the new Prince of the sneakers and he's not yet 30 !

Sneakers, we like to wear them with anything, anytime, for any occasion. We love to collect them and sometimes we do violence to not buy them all... We must be reasonable! Perfect girlfriends of our restless feet, always on the run between two appointments.

Repeat after me "I deserve new sneakers, I deserve new sneakers, I.... "

Have fun !