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Luxury leather designer bags for women


On this page you will find one of the biggest feminine mystery... The bag.

The question arises... But what is in the bag of girls?

"Tic tac. Mic Mac. Pairs of slaps : "I love you / I plate you", Badaboum Patatrac !

The girls bag is a bit of a big secret but also a great fashion asset, the thing that makes all the difference.

Iconic, practical, aesthetic, minimalist or rococo, mini size or maxi volume, it is the essential accessory of all honest women.

At Claris Virot models of great tote, very pretty pockets or adorable little bags all in leather very very precious...

The python declined in different colors. A saffron yellow, an inflamed red, a menthol green... Living colors to be astonishing. A natural brown or a sober black to be discreet and always chic.

All this, made in skins selected with the greatest attention and manufactured by craftsmen with the greatest care.

At Isabel Marant, we find fringe bags of cowgirls, studded bags for rockers, big tote bags of girls who carry their house and bags of bohemian ladies.

At Jérôme Dreyfuss, overdose of joy, profusion of models. small bags, big bags, pouches, sack, tote bags, besaces... What to go crazy.

The collection is worked in quilting leather, tawny impressions, Vibrant paintings, flawless, super-exciting, season after season.

Whether you're the type to carry your entire home with the dry hair option and extra shoes or the "less is more" partisan you're an extravagant girl, a radical minimalist or somewhere in between, it's on this page that we'll find our buddy every day.

Happy shopping !