On this page you'll find necklaces, chokers... anything that can accumulate, over the years, and that make us think of lots of memories. An anniversary, a trip, Mother's Day, our sweetheart's gift, our child's first gift with his dad's money... Memories and stories !

So, let's tell you the pretty stories that inspire our jewelry designers a little bohemian, a little rock and very sensitive to things in life ....

At Vanessa De Jaegher, there is not much necklaces. But it is enough that it is beautiful to transport us. And it is on the wings of a butterfly paved with diamonds that one will fly away. We will come back to earth with precious stones as set on a chain for our side more rock and to play the stars, we will dare Diamonds SexiLili.

Protective amulets that turn us into lucky modeuses at Feidt... Madonna medals and Antik cross. A mystical and memory-laden ensemble, magical !

At Ginette NY, the lines are always elegant and uncluttered. A collection of necklaces with delicate shapes and curves that are written with beautiful words, always in pink gold sometimes in white gold.

At Harpo, you'll find sumptuous fetish jumpers in the form of sacred animals, fine necklaces of shells and magic stones.

At Luj Paris, chains modern square links hanging grigris that evoke sacred Indian women or beetles straight from ancient Egypt.

Pascale Monvoisin shares with us his lovely travel memories. The Asian beaches enclosed in a seashell, precious gems from Latin America... delicate necklaces bohemian.

At Stone Paris, we play the femme fatale like those of the time of Gatsby the magnificent, with chokers in diamonds and white gold.

We dream and we say that yes, we love it... This diamond necklace !