Jérôme Dreyfuss Collection Sac Leon XL Split Suede Burgundy



Leon XL Jérome Dreyfuss burgundy suede bag. 

- Maxi bag tote bag
- Snap fastener on leather strap
- Leather handles
- Adjustable volume with two zipped gussets
- Leather pouch inside
- Jérôme Dreyfuss' emblematic signature small metal rivets
- Lamp and key ring link inside 
- Composition 90% crust of veal 10% cowhide 
- 100% rind cow lining 

Dimensions: height 37 cm - width 97 cm - depth 37 cm.

Shipping and return

payment in 3 installments


nos conseils de style

The Jérôme Dreyfuss Léon XL will delight lovers of oversized shopping bags. Made of burgundy suede and stamped with metallic rivets, an emblematic signature of the Parisian designer, this model has a small interior pocket in which you can easily place all your essentials. The ideal look to wear it? A floral print shirt accompanied by straight jeans and a pair of beige suede cowboy boots.