Mocassins & Derbies

On this page you will discover... the dish, but the dish that gives height, a pace. To say it to be a woman, it is often to stitch "tricks" to the men.

Classics from the City Shoe at Anthology, timeless, indispensable, impeccable, all made by talented craftsmen in Portugal. A true anthology, a collection of perfect shoes of walking to walk the asphalt of our big cities.

At Isabel Marant, a contemporary version of loafers is in the spotlight. Crushed in the back, we can wear it like a slipper like Cinderella 2.0... but we do not lose it! And no more need of Prince Charming, we manage all alone... We carry it nonchalantly, the secret of an attitude, between taste of luxury and indifference, carelessness. Or more simply the rear raised for the purists.

ForJérôme Dreyfuss the loafers also is unavoidable and timeless.

This season, we propose to wear derbies or loafers especially with pretty feminine skirts, always offsets, to offer a new reality to what fashion reeks with talent for years... An attitude.

Good shopping !