On this page you will find the essential accessory of the women's wardrobe.... The scarves.

They finalize our looks and warm us gently.

It's a bit like soft toys, something that does not let go since childhood, the delicious feeling of comfort in contact with a delicate matter. For all those who likes to curl up in cottony sensations, who appreciate the hug of cashmere and the caress of fabrics.

We always have a lot of imagination with the pieces of fabric. It's really a girl thing. You can wear it all around your neck to get warm in winter, carelessly resting on your shoulders like a stole to warm our dresses a bit too bare. Or at the "St Lawrence", let her down on her tuxedo. Summer in a bohemian spirit, we can wrap it around the waist like a sarong with a big vintage belt.

At Isabel Marant we find this season pretty scarves. Large striped stoles to wear on the shoulders but also as a sarong worn with a big belt on the hips. And the Hawaiian scarf is a great theme for the Spring Summer 2018 fashion show, which can also be tied to your bag or worn as a belt on your jeans.

Notice to the collectors: you are surely missing a "piece of cloth" to warm up your summer evenings around the pool.

Have fun !