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Accessory keychain Jitoumi black and pink multifunction. - Multipurpose and multipurpose accessory - True carabiner Climbing Technology with its explanatory note - A black Leash keychain braided neon pink - A black leather Charging Pompon keychain with a built-in pink USB power strip to charge your phone - A keychain mini wallet black silver - A pocket key pocket mini black silver leather - A popoche S in black silver leather to slip your paper - Small metal rivets, emblematic signature of the Jérôme Dreyfuss house - Beautiful mix of materials with metal and leather - Composition : 60% lamb 40% cowhide The new accessory Jerome Dreyfuss essential for a fashionable key to hang on both keys and a bag. The Jitoumi Jérôme Dreyfuss keychain is available in purple Tie&Dye and white colors.

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