Gachon Pothier Bracelet Charm - Labradorite

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Charm Gachon Pothier bracelet.

- Wrap bracelet 4 turns 
- Can be worn around the wrist, ankle or as a necklace.
- Tie cord closure with small medal finish engraved GP
- Three small central labradorite stones
- Three hand woven colored threads
- Composition: Tourmaline, Carnelian, Garnet, Labradorite, Agates and Moonstones
- Beads: 18 carat gold plated

Made in France in the boutique workshop of the House of Gachon Pothier in Paris. Gachon Pothier jewelry is handmade, each piece is unique and has slight variations even if the final rendering is very close to the photo.

The Charm Gachon Pothier bracelet also exists in other combinations of threads and stones. 

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nos conseils de style

Blue in color, labradorite is described as a soothing stone, which absorbs pain and dissolves it. More than a simple accessory therefore, this Gachon Pothier bracelet was designed as a real jewel of protection. We wear it everyday, wrapped around the wrist and associated with other bracelets with precious stones: it will bring a bohemian touch to your casual chic outfits.