Feidt Paris

Who has assembled looks like... Not always, one is wise, the other is naughty, but both are passionate about jewelry and fashion. A good team to create jewelry collections full of stories and symbols.

Madonna necklaces of "grandmother" who could be a family heirloom. Long necklaces with a four-leaf clover hidden inside and engravings "Je Porte chance". The Lucky medallion necklace opens like a small box and you can hide secrets...

These bijoux in 9-carat gold and semi-precious stones give a vintage and hippie chic spirit to the collections Feidt which follow each other and do not look alike. Each jewelry is a story, a desire, a symbol. No more golden jewellery stored at the bottom of the trunk. Their finery is charged with emotions to become both trendy and timeless objects.

The Madone collection subtly blends symbolically charged history and beliefs. Through Our Lady, Feidt wanted to pay tribute to the women of today by revisiting an icon of yesterday.

The collection Bird icon symbolizes the spirit and soul of the dreamer with all these secrets... Dreaming of birds is to become aware of its evolution, and the spiritual aspect of man. The bird is also a messenger of peace and freedom.

The Ange Raphaël collection is directly inspired by the Madonna collection. The sacred and protective character of the Angel Raphael brings us spirituality and purity. Like the little angels that we are!

The Lys collection. For the Greeks, nobility, and Romans, the fleur de Lys meant immortality, while for others it symbolized innocence, pure love or the nobility of feelings. The fleur de Lys has crossed our history, each one has given it its symbolism...

Our own to write...

The collection Empire, in a bohemian style with a Victorian inspiration, offers us a combination of timeless stones like onyx and mother-of-pearl. Mother-of-pearl is the symbol of maternal love and tenderness, while onyx helps to build confidence and self-esteem. So with a lot of self-confidence, we will give a lot of love and tenderness!

With the collection Antik, we pay tribute to history, allowing us to connect the past with the present. A whole story....

Ne me quitte pas is a nod to the Parisian woman, a declaration of love for this unique fashion icon.

In her collection Indian Vibes, Feidt revisits the codes of the American Indians, in the quest for freedom. They deliver a message of wisdom based on respect for nature and understanding of the mind.

>Not a collection without mentioning Ibiza, the cult place of the 70s became the symbol of the bohemian, hippie-chic through the years.

p>End les Eternels, a collection full of universal symbols that will never cease to exist. Stars, crosses, moons, leaves, gold and grey sapphire, mother-of-pearl and onyx for all eternity.