On this page you will find all the tops of the moment.

We love the pretty tops of Eponym Création, often embellished with Calais lace and made in France. Melanie likes to wear them with fine lingerie that can be seen in the notch of her deep necklines. Victim of its success, it is often sold out and do not forget to subscribe to size alerts to not miss !

The caracos of Anine Bing are like tee-shirts but more like lingerie slightly sexy, to wear under our jackets in the evening and skin under the summer sun, made in Los Angeles.

And of course, we love the Raquel Allegra tops, between shirts and tunics to breathe a bohemian spirit into our autumn looks.

Not to mention the eternal highs of Roseanna who flirt between shirt and blouse, always in a retro-vintage spirit and very often in lace, his favorite material.

At Hand.So.On, we play with ethnic tunics, hippie chic his favorite field. They are worn as a chic shirt with jeans, but also with long vintage pareo skirts straight from distant lands.

Heart Made, we offer a collection of printed silk blouses to look good all winter and to say that we are a real girl and that we wear pink !

So, we play hide and seek with the tops to better sublimate the stockings.

Good shopping !