Harpo Permanent Collier Choker Conchas Pm Turquoise N336T



Choker Necklace Choker "Conchas" and turquoise beads mounted on silver. - cylindrical beads and silver beads strung on 3 rows - Silver frame 925/1000 - disc shaped metal shape "conchas", originally worn on a ribbon around the hats, boots and belts of the Indians of the Southwest of the United States. - Dimensions of the conchas: 1 cm - chain length: 30 cm + 10 cm of adjustable chain Object of character symbol of all their ancestral know-how, Harpo offers us their selection of authentic jewels of the Amerindian culture. The silver necklaces are full of history and ancestral know-how. Associated with a bracelet or earrings Turquoise or feathered this will only be more faithful to the Indian spirit. They are worn alone or in accumulation for a very authentic look at this culture.

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